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Personalized And Data-Driven Player Development

Personalize each player's plan and goals with Player Dashboards.
Customize your player assessments and reports to differentiate your program.
Find your players' match results and evaluations at your fingertips on our web and mobile apps.
Create a data-driven program to accelerate your players' development!
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Efficiently Communicate And Organize Training And Match Data

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Efficiently implement and showcase your coaching process with drills, lesson plans, and lessons calendar.
Manage each player's training and match data to facilitate better analysis and learning.
Engage your program members with content and updates shared on the Community Home Page.
Free up your emails and text messages by streamlining communication and data management on Tenicity TM!

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Harsh Mankad

Harsh Mankad is a former NCAA #1 ranked singles player, India no.1 singles and Davis Cupper, and ATP Professional. He founded Tenicity to follow his passion to support and enhance player development and performance.

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Tenicity's platform will help you to create a personalized and data-driven process for each of your players' development. I invite you to experience the platform and gain from our services!

Our Customers

Customer Testimonials

"The data gives me a lot of clarity on what I need to work on and improve"

- Jr. Player

"The content, organization and value is exceptional"

- Parent

"The fantastic and personable team at Tenicity are playing a key role in our ability to stay accountable to player development from shared coach content to clear objectives and measurable goals to transparency of communication with parents."

- Director, Soto Tennis Academy

"Tenicity is a fantastic platform that allows a player and their support team to be completely on the same page. It is easy to use and helps coaches maximise all of the hard work they spend on their performance planning."

- Head Coach, Soto Tennis Academy

"This is an amazing opportunity for our players to learn the game better"

- Head Tennis Coach, University of Minnesota

"The overall experience with Tenicity is a very positive one and the results we are seeing in our players development is statistically better now than before we used their services."

- Asst. Tennis Coach, University of Minnesota

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We are passionate about helping tennis programs, teams, and coaches be the best they can be. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you and your students achieve your goals.

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