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Keep your players focused and achieving their goals.
Enhance player development with an easy-to-use technology.
Differentiate your coaching and customer experience.
Build an exciting program!

Tenicity is honored to be selected for the semifinal stage in the High Tech Division of the MN Cup!

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Easy, effective coaching tools

Track progress and easily create attractive graphs for parents and players.
Upload and share videos from any device.
Evaluate matches and track goals.
Provide a snapshot of progress with player dashboards.
"This is an amazing opportunity for our players to learn to game better"
- Head Tennis Coach, Division 1 College
"Tenicity is a user-friendly platform that allows us to clearly communicate with our players and give them the opportunity to continually develop the physical, mental and emotional parts of their game even when we are not in direct contact with them"
- Asst. Tennis Coach, Division 1 College

Complete training management for tennis programs and teams.

Manage your lessons and training plans.
Control your social and private communications from one location.
Build loyalty and deepen relationships with your customers.
Record attendance and track lessons over time.
"I think it is a great way of connecting with students and helping them improve. The information on the site helped me understand the lessons better. I like the dashboard the best. It feels good to read about my strengths and what I have accomplished. It also helps me clearly understand what I need to work on that week. I am playing much better!"
- Player on Tenicity TM

Our Story

Harsh Mankad, Co-Founder

Harsh Mankad is a former ATP world ranked player who represented India in over 12 Davis Cup ties and has played against several world #1 singles players. He is also rated as one of the best tennis coaches in Minnesota, where he currently resides. Harsh forehand
“Growing up in one of India’s premiere sporting families was definitely an advantage as I didn’t have to go far to learn the game. Through my parents (both of whom were world-class athletes) and coaches, I learned the importance of a systematic and sincere approach to developing my game. This approach took me far and I am now eager to share it with others. Tenicity is the result of much thought around developing tools and resources for coaches to better manage their players’ development and to motivate and enhance the experience of everyone connected to a player’s tennis journey. I invite you to join Tenicity and deliver value to your players that will exceed their expectations and accelerate their development!"

Passionate about

Passionate about
helping you succeed.

Luke Wilcox, Co-Founder

Luke Wilcox grew up in the American system and is a former NCAA Division 1 collegiate player and instructor. He works as a management consultant and is passionate about helping businesses, organizations and teams succeed. Luke avatar
"I grew up in South Dakota with little tennis instruction beyond my dad. He and I went to the park near our house a few times a week and I played with whoever else I could find in the neighborhood. Through hard work and a great high school coach I was able to win a high school state championship and make the team at an NCAA Division 1 school. I believe in the importance of high-quality, structured training to help tennis players reach their full potential. Tenicity gives tennis programs and teams the best tools available to develop their players."

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