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Harsh Mankad

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Harsh Mankad is a former NCAA #1 ranked singles player. He was the no.1 singles player for India and member of the Indian Davis Cup Team. Harsh played on the ATP Professional Tour for 9 years during which time he played against several world #1 ranked singles players. Harsh has been coaching since 2007 and holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota.

"In August 2005, I was playing against the current world #1 in tennis, Andy Murray, and had seven match points. A year later, I had a knee injury, which ended my career with a career high singles ranking of 220 in the world. I was so close to the best in the world, yet so far. Looking back, I realize that my potential was much higher than what I achieved. If I had the right plan, team support, and tools to help me continuously learn and improve, I could have further stretched my potential.

My experience is a common one in tennis - and many other sports, at all ages and skill levels. Individuals seek to maximize their potential but fall short due to poor training, injury, lack of motivation, and lack of tools and data to enhance performance. In fact, most players and their teams fall short of their potential both in the skills they develop and in their performance.

After completing my tennis career and receiving an MBA, I used my learning from tennis and passion for enhancing player performance to launch Tenicity with my partner, Luke Wilcox. Tenicity is a digital platform that helps players reach their potential with the use of collaborative training and analytics. We believe Tenicity will help the next Harsh Mankad – wherever he or she grows up – with the right plan, insights, and support to reach his or her highest aspirations!

Luke Wilcox

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Luke grew up in the American system and is a former NCAA Division 1 collegiate player and instructor. He is passionate about finding new ways for web and mobile technology to enhance tennis players' development.

"I grew up in South Dakota with little tennis instruction beyond my dad. He and I went to the park near our house a few times a week and I played with whoever else I could find in the neighborhood. I went to a city-sponsored summer tennis program and eventually started taking lessons at a small fitness club, but didn't have access to a lot of high-quality instruction. Through hard work I was able to win a state championship in high school and make the team at an NCAA Division 1 university.

I'm passionate about the potential of Tenicity to provide high-quality, structured training to tennis players everywhere. I believe tennis coaches and programs could benefit from better web- and mobile-based tools to manage player development."

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