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We are passionate about helping tennis programs and players improve.

Harsh Mankad

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Harsh is a former #1 ranked junior tennis player from India, and former #1 ranked NCAA Division 1 singles player. Harsh comes from a family of elite athletes who have represented India in cricket and tennis; both his parents were coaches after their playing careers. He has been around sports and coaching his whole life. He gained valuable coaching experience at LifeTime Fitness as a part-time teaching pro and as the Director of Tennis at Golden Valley Country Club (a premier tennis club in the Twin Cities, MN) from February 2012 – October 2013.

"While I grew up in one of India’s premiere sporting families and benefited greatly from the knowledge and support my family offered throughout my tennis career, much of my ability to succeed at every level of the game has been the result of a methodical, systematic approach. Sustained effort and a structured training plan helped me win an NCAA National Indoor singles title, spend 8 years on the ATP tour, and run a premiere tennis academy in Minneapolis as the Director of Tennis.

Tenicity was born out of a desire to share this systematic approach to player development with tennis academies and programs to help enhance their ability to develop players. Our fundamental belief is that there is a difference between “teaching tennis” and “developing players”. The latter is the result of an integrated and coordinated effort among all those involved in a player’s team, and it is our goal at Tenicity to enable our customers to achieve this vision of player development and help them achieve their goals!

I am not offering any secrets to success or top 20 things you must know about player development. Simply put, I am not is the game to “sensationalize” concepts. What I do know from my 25+ years of experience in the game and having trained with the best players in the world is that improvement comes from hard work and from a systematic plan. Tennis academies and programs at all levels have a big opportunity to be more coordinated and systematic and use a certain degree of data to be able to manage and assess their players’ progress. Tenicity brings this idea to the forefront and ultimately empowers you to leverage your own knowledge and capabilities as a tennis program and build a world-class product which is differentiated from others in the tennis industry!

Come join us and incorporate our web and mobile site into your existing tennis academy or program. We are committed to helping you succeed!"

Luke Wilcox

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Luke grew up in the American system and is a former NCAA Division 1 collegiate player and instructor. He is passionate about finding new ways for web and mobile technology to enhance tennis players' development.

"I grew up in South Dakota with little tennis instruction beyond my dad. He and I went to the park near our house a few times a week and I played with whoever else I could find in the neighborhood. I went to a city-sponsored summer tennis program and eventually started taking lessons at a small fitness club, but didn't have access to a lot of high-quality instruction. Through hard work I was able to win a state championship in high school and make the team at an NCAA Division 1 university. While I'm happy with these achievements I've always wished I had access to better tennis instruction and training growing up.

I'm passionate about the potential of Tenicity to provide that high-quality, structured training to tennis players everywhere. I believe there are many great tennis coaches and programs that could benefit from better web- and mobile-based tools to manage player development. While there's a lot of tennis content and instruction available on- and offline, there is not an easy-to-use, effective software tool to maximize player development in today's tennis world. I want to provide that technology to enable tennis programs and teams to be the best they can possibly be.

Growing up a tennis player I also learned some key life skills from the game and want to enable tennis programs and coaches to better develop the whole player, on and off the court. The ability to lose a match with grace, to be competitive but also a great teammate, and to stay dedicated over a long period of time are a few of the most valuable skills I learned from tennis. I see Tenicity as a resource for tennis programs and teams to develop the best possible players and people they can."

Features on Tenicity

Tenicity provides a complete set of tools to help tennis programs improve player development.

Tenicity is an online web platform that provides 3 integrated services:

  1. Training: A training management platform that provides customized training protocols for coaches and players based on player characteristics such as age, ability level, and competitive goals. Development resources include lessons, videos, skill tests, practice scheduling, and much more to help you achieve your goals. Drill videos demonstrate useful drills for coaches, technique videos provide high-definition visuals for a player to internalize correct technique, and strategy videos help players and coaches develop targeted match strategies.

  2. Performance: Tenicity provides highly-customizable, easy-to-use, robust analytics tools. Use our suggested metrics for tracking player development or customize assessments and data to suit your program's needs.

  3. Community: Improve your customer relationships and differentiate your program by sharing video and photos from the court, updates on player progress and your program, and communicating with your players and parents more efficiently and effectively. Tenicity provides an easy-to-use, central location for your internal team and external customers to meet, interact, and coordinate your program activities.

For coaches

A better solution for maximizing your students' potential and managing other coaches.

Tenicity enhances your coaching ability and makes managing your coaching life easy.

  1. Scheduling and messaging: Manage your student lessons, practices, and other events through one central location. Invite your students, their parents, and others to Tenicity to have a one-stop location for rescheduling, posting updates, and interacting with your students, parents, and other coaches. Tenicity Coaches have access to their own calendar (with optional Google Calendar integration) and messaging.

  2. Metrics and reports: Tracking a Player's progress and providing progress metrics to a Player, Parent, or other Coaches can be tough. Tenicity makes it simple to generate progress reports through the use of easy skill tests, including successful shot percentage tests (for shots like cross-court backhands, for example), speed and footwork tests, and coach ratings of technique development. Tenicity generates beautiful graphs and visualized data for you to share with Players and Parents.

  3. Database of lessons and drills: Tenicity provides coaches with a database of lessons and drills to optionally assign Players and use in their coaching. Tenicity drills and lessons include video demonstrations to make it easy for you to learn and integrate into your exising coaching.

Teams on Tenicity

Tenicity provides advanced team management tools.

Tenicity team pages provide all the tools you need to manage your team: private pages; data analysis and tracking; assignable lessons, drills, and workouts; private messaging and scheduling tools, and much more!

  1. Private pages: Create a private web portal for your team and invite your team members: Coaches, Players, Parents, and others. Private pages include a message board, team calendar, team goals, team member profiles, team reports, team videos and image galleries, and much more.

  2. Confidential evaluations and metrics: Enhance your feedback loop to your team Players through the use of confidential evaluations, metrics, and Player development plans. Rate your Players' skill development, provide feedback on matches, and track development progress over time.

Why we created Tenicity

Tenicity is inspired by the desire to meet unmet needs of key stakeholders in the tennis community: the desire for better quality instruction, the desire for a structured training plan, and the desire to be connected to other tennis players in a thriving tennis community.

Through Harsh and Luke’s experience of going through their respective 20+ year tennis journeys, they realized these unmet needs in others and personally experienced these needs. Harsh grew up in India and did not have access to cutting-edge training methods and knowledge, which was a major competitive disadvantage. Despite that, he lifted his game to become a top ranked collegiate and professional tennis player in the world. Luke grew up in South Dakota and did not have access to the same coaching resources that kids in major cities or in tennis hotbeds such as Florida and California have. This again was a competitive disadvantage, but through hard work and determination, Luke played NCAA Division 1 tennis. Inspired by our own experiences, we are driven to bring these barriers down and level the playing field. We believe that every tennis player, coach, and supporter should have access to the best information, training protocols, and social connectivity to maximize their potential. We want to see a Wimbledon champion from India or South Dakota, and not just the NYCs and Paris’s of the world.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to reach his or her full potential, whether in tennis or in life. There are many ways for players to get better, but we believe that a strong plan, access to quality instruction, and support from others are all important pieces. As tennis players ourselves, we are passionate about helping tennis players succeed in tennis and life.

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